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Written by:
Muireann Leonard
January 30, 2018

On 12 January 2018, Ireland East Hospital Group (IEHG) were delighted to welcome the NHS Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC) Improvement Team to deliver a Masterclass on AEC and to share collective learning on improving the delivery of this model of care.

Great strides have been made in same-day emergency care across the NHS over the last few years and the Ambulatory Emergency Care Network has played an important role in supporting organisations to achieve sustainable changes within their systems.

NHS Ambulatory Emergency Care Team Speakers:

Maximising AEC – The Medical Approach - Dr Vincent Connolly (Regional Lead for NHS Emergency Improvement)

Surgical AEC - Ms Sarah Richards (Lead for NHS AEC Surgery)

The Role of Nursing in the Delivery of AEC - Mr Andy Mitchell (Advanced Nursing Lead and Co-Production Manager for AEC)

Understanding the Impact – Measuring for Improvement - Mr Mike Holmes (Measurement Lead NHS)

Over 150 staff from across the Irish healthcare system attended the event.