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Written by:
Muireann Leonard
May 30, 2022

The Review Panel for the UCD Health Affairs Academic Health Science System (AHSS) Grant 2021-2022 had great pleasure in learning about many of the innovative projects that our researchers and clinicians, across all aspects of healthcare, are partaking in to link academia to clinical services. Clinical care and patient outcomes improve in an academic setting.

Among all the 33 excellent applications we received, we would like to congratulate the following two successful projects:

The Labour Hopscotch Framework: Promoting Active Physiological Childbirth

This project is led by Dr Denise O'Brien, UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems with a project team from National Maternity Hospital, National Women and Infants Health Programme, HSE, UCD School of Medicine, St Luke's General Hospital Kilkenny, Wexford General Hospital and Regional Hospital Mullingar.

The purpose of this study is to further evaluate and examine how to digitalise the Labour Hopscotch Framework (LHF) to enhance its accessibility, feasibility and acceptability within the Ireland East Hospital Group: National Maternity Hospital, Regional Hospital Mullingar, Wexford General Hospital and St Luke’s General Hospital Kilkenny.

For more information on the Project Team and the Project Summary go to:

Clinical Simulation to Support Training & Credentialing in Clinical Handover in an AHSS

This project is led by Associate Professor Suzanne Donnelly, UCD School of Medicine, and brings together an education leadership team from UCD Medicine and IEHG with expertise and extensive experience in resource design, delivery and evaluation, including clinical simulation.

This project is to develop and deliver an educational resource for training in the critical professional competence of clinical handover. The overarching aim of this project is to credential all students in the 2023 UCD Medicine graduating class and incoming interns to the UCD Intern training network in clinical handover.

For more information on the Project Team and the Project Summary go to:

‘We thank the co-chair Professor Jason Last, the Grant Review Panel (Professor Peter Doran, Professor Simon More, Professor Sue Rackard, Associate Professor Clare Corish and Grainne Keane), and the Project Manager (Xuefang Alterman) for all their hard work, and we thank all 33 applicants across the IEHG Hospitals, CHOs and multiple Schools at UCD for their interest and efforts. We welcome projects that forge collaboration between IEHG, its affiliated CHOs, and UCD CHAS. It supports health and science-related research or educational/innovation projects that clearly will enhance the concept of an AHSS and that will align with key College/School research and/or education strategic objectives.' said Professor Tim Lynch, Vice Principal for Health Affairs, UCD, and Chief Academic Officer, Ireland East Hospital Group.

‘We plan to make this grant available again in 2023 and hope to increase the number of grants in view of the huge interest this year.’ said Professor Lynch.