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Written by:
Muireann Leonard
January 13, 2022

UCD Health Affairs has released a video animation explaining the concept and the benefits of an Academic Health Science System (AHSS) in Ireland:

Academic Health Science System Video

An Academic Health Science System (AHSS) is a fully coordinated partnership between a university and a healthcare system, designed to deliver quality care hand in hand with teaching, training, research and innovation. Most importantly the change from the traditional Hospital model to an integrated Academic Health Science System will improve patient care in local communities. The AHSS offers a real prospect of achieving greater levels of productivity and efficiency, sustainable improvements in patient care, better patient safety and outcomes, as well as world-class research and innovation in healthcare.

UCD Health Affairs works with the UCD Health Science Schools to provide a formal channel for cooperation and collaboration between the Ireland East Hospital Group (IEHG) and UCD, its primary academic partner.  This includes developing and implementing the strategic vision and direction for healthcare education, research and innovation across the Group and ultimately the successful creation of an Academic Health Science System.

To watch the video and find out more, please visit the UCD Health Affairs website at: